Life Coaching & Mentoring


Life Coaching & Mentoring (Life Transformation) is emotional wellness. Coaching includes self-discovery, personal identity, self implementation and building one’s self-esteem.
I help clients to uncover areas in their lives where they feel “stuck” in their personal, business, and ministry life.
We identify sources of hurts and pains so they can be exposed and healed while moving you into your identity and destiny.


If you are ready to work with me through the Private One-to-One Coaching, answer these questions and send the form to me

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Personal Inventory Test

Do I feel stuck in one or more areas of my life YesNo
Why Do I feel that way?
In the last year what has been the most difficult thing I have faced?
What is the dream that i want to accomplish in my life?
What is the one thing I want to focus on this year?
Describe your current situation in one or two sentences
What is the purpose of wanting One on One Private Coaching?
What results do I hope to gain from these Coaching Sessions?
Are you willing to put in the time and effort to get you to your goal? YesNo

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